Sure, it’s only our opinion but here’s our top five list of Damien Dempsey’s hot hits. Fingers crossed we’ll be hearing a few of these in November!

5. Can’t go past this one. Neither could the British filmmakers of ‘Tyrannosaur‘ who used it throughout the film.


4. Another one off Dempsey’s Best Irish Album nominated ‘Shots


3. Fun fact – this song was featured on the Soundtrack to the Irish crime film ‘Between the Canals‘. The same film that Dempsey made his acting debut!


2. Originally from Dempsey’s debut album released in 2000, this song as been re-recorded a few times. An absolute Dempsey Classic


1. Although we won’t be graced with backing vocals from Sinead O’Connor in November, we’re still hanging out to hear this one live.


You’re welcome…